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  • save your company up to 70%
    Be the office hero - save your company up to 70%

    With an unlimited supply of purified water, Waterlogic customers can save between 30–70% by switching to a Waterlogic mains fed water dispensers.

    Spend less. Get more.

    With the high markup of water cooler prices, 90% of what consumers pay for with bottled water goes towards bottling, shipping, marketing, profit and other hidden costs - not on the water itself.

    With Waterlogic, our customers save 30 to 70% of their water cooler cost by switching from a bottled water coolers to our mains fed water dispensers. Our fixed monthly rental and planned maintenance ensures you have no hidden expenses in your water cooler price that can cause spikes in your spending.

    8 Ways You'll Save with Waterlogic's Bottleless Water Coolers

    1. Landfill Taxes

    Producing and recycling or dumping plastic bottles can be costly, especially when you think of landfill taxes. Why pay more taxes when you don't have to?

    2. Energy Costs

    On average, it takes 3 liters of water to make a plastic bottle that is 1 liter. So think of the energy cost you'll save by being one less business that orders plastic jugs.

    3. Admin Time

    Staff time and pay can be better spent and by going bottleless you won't have to waste time calculating bottles needed, putting in orders and sorting out invoices.

    4. Storage Space

    The plastic jugs need to be stored (full or empty), but by going bottleless, you can use that storage space for an employee break area, extra office space, or anything else.

    5. Delivery Service

    Stop paying for the delivery of bottles, plus the disruption of trolleys trundling through your office and employees having to assist the delivery person.

    6. Health and Safety

    If those heavy plastic bottles get lifted the wrong way or if there is an accidental water spill, you're risking health and safety compensation claims.

    7. Time Lost

    Water can contain billions of bacteria, and with a bottled cooler there's the possibility of time lost for illnesses from drinking water that has not been filtered and purified.

    8. Carbon Footprint

    By cutting the contribution to landfills, reducing the energy consumption and the number of delivery trucks on the road, you'll also be reducing your company's carbon footprint.

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    The Right Choice for your Workplace

    Made to the highest standards, only Waterlogic provides a full range of bottleless water coolers. From cold, hot, extra hot water, ice and even sparkling, Waterlogic gives you an assortment of sophisticated and stylish bottleless coolers that will fit your workplace needs and standards.

    With counter top or freestanding models, these fully certified dispensers combine multistage water filtration and advanced UV purification that provides and endless amount of purity with every dispense.

    Water Coolers for Everyone

    Dispenser for Every Space

    Endless cold water, with additional hot, ice and sparkling options as well as the choice of counter top or freestanding water cooler models.

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    Waterlogic Expertise


    Our water experts work with you to select a bottle free dispenser that fits perfectly for your office size, requirements and employee needs.

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    Water Cooler Installation

    Hassle Free Installation

    We connect directly to your existing water supply for a clean, easy and worry-free installation, giving you refreshing, quality water.

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    Water Cooler Servicing

    Comprehensive Servicing

    Regular checkups and hygiene maintenance by trained technicians to keep your water in perfect condition.

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