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  • easy installation
    Simple Installation

    With technicians that are trained under the WQA's strict guidelines, our installation process is simple, seamless and quickly connects you to an endless supply of fresh drinking water.

    Find the nearest water source

    Step 1

    Find the nearest water source

    We start by connecting to an existing water source, allowing a sink and a cooler to share the same water supply simultaneously.

    Run the water supply where needed

    Step 2

    Run the water supply where needed

    Once connected, a waterway will run inside the wall and up to the ceiling. Once this is above the ceiling, it’s simple to run water to wherever you need your water cooler placed.

    Complete seamless installation

    Step 3

    Complete seamless installation

    Finally, we plug in the mains fed water cooler, ice dispenser or sparkling water cooler and turn on the water. You are now ready to enjoy an endless stream of fresh water from Waterlogic.