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Air purification by Waterlogic

Combining innovative technology with sleek aesthetics, Waterlogic brings you a sophisticated air purification system to ensure the highest levels of hygienic protection, performance and reassurance for your staff and visitors alike.

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Experience highly purified air, anywhere

The state of the art air purification system safely removes the invisible contaminants in a room, dispersing clean air filtered from viruses, bacteria and particulates.

Premium filtration

A combination of filters enables purification of air like never before. The anti-bacterial coated HEPA-13 filter has a 6.7m2 surface area and filters out 99.95% of all particles down to 0.3 microns, whilst an activated carbon layer removes harmful VOCs and odours, before the 24W UVC bulb targets viruses and other microscopic contaminants.

Surgical grade protection

Medical grade purification technology purifies air by over 99.9% from viruses (including COVID-19, surrogates H1N1 and MS2), bacteria, allergens and other undesirable contaminants.

ReAKT technology

Reactive air kinetic technology is able to assess the purity of surrounding air with just the push of a button, automatically adjusting the air flow accordingly with no further user input needed.

Air flow

The air purifier features over 5000 air flow inlets across the base of the unit. This allows for maximum air flow of up to 600m3 /hour enabling a large number of air changes even within the most challenging of environments.

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Office air purifier

Waterlogic Air Purifier

Medical grade protection, purifies your air by removing up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

The large honeycomb-structured filter works to remove harmful substances such as mercury and benzene, subsequently reducing odours in the room.

  • 603m³/hour of air throughput (market leading)
  • Rated power: 85W
  • Five-stage filtration process
  • Dimensions: H 880 x L 300 x W 300mm
  • Remote control operation
  • Available in black or white

The state of the art air purification system

With its UVC technology, 360-degree air intake, and five-stage filtration process, it’s quick, efficient, and quiet. Suitable for use in public and commercial spaces. It’s also able to provide indoor air purification whilst air conditioners are in operation, for superb all-round air quality.

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Air Purification
Air purification
Air purification top view
Air Purification

Interested in air purification in your office?

Rental and purchasing options available, so you can select a plan that suits you.

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