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Filtered Water Solutions for Catering Businesses

Improve the taste and quality of your food and beverage products without ever compromising on customer satisfaction or equipment performance.

Quality Everpure filtered water means premium water

Everpure has a long tradition of providing quality, innovative products to foodservice. In fact, Everpure products are found in more foodservice operations around the world than any other water treatment brand.

We supply the full range of Everpure filters for application usage including gourmet coffee, scale reduction and water softeners, right up to high-capacity reverse osmosis systems.

With Everpure, you can
  • Set high standards for your customers
  • Ensure no chemical taste, strange colour or strong smell in your drinks and ice.
  • Reduce maintenance needs and increase equipment performance
  • Ensure no more scale and mineral deposits, which will directly result in a longer machine life cycle.

We supply water filters and ancillary parts for: 

  • Coffee machines
  • Ice machines
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Why choose Waterlogic?

Food Service

Nationwide Coverage

Endless cold water, with additional hot and sparkling options as well as the choice of counter top or freestanding water cooler models.

Food Service

Water experts

Our water experts work with you to select a filtration and water treatment solution that fits perfectly for your office size, requirements and employee needs.

Food Service

Hassle Free Installation

We connect directly to your existing water supply for a clean, easy and worry-free installation, giving you refreshing, quality water.

Food Service

Competitive prices

As an authorised distributor of Everpure products, we can keep our prices low to offer you a low-cost hydration solution.

Waterlogic Classe water dispenser for the hospitality

Add a touch of luxury to your water solution

Create your own still or sparkling water on demand directly from the tap and serve it to your customers in a modern stylish refillable bottle as you would any other big brand of bottled mineral water.

It is the perfect opportunity to increase your revenue while leveraging your existing infrastructure. You cut on delivery costs and deposit requirements while your customers enjoy a water that tastes just as though it came directly from the spring. Serve up the best today.

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