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You can use the support area to find answers to any questions you might have about purchasing or taking care of your WL Hybrid Firewall®.

If you'd like to contact us directly our customer service team are available between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Using your Hybrid

How often does my Hybrid need to be serviced?
The Firewall® system is designed to need only 1 lamp and filter change per year under normal usage and when using potable water. To make life a littler easier each machine has a sensor that will alert you if there is a problem with the purification. And to provide complete safety if the the machine isn’t working properly, it won’t dispense.
How should I clean my machine?
A quick wipe of the exterior with damp, lint free cloth is all that is needed to keep the outside clean. Try to avoid touching the dispensing nozzle with your fingers. Avoid using alcohol-based or abrasive cleaning products. We recommend a few times a week, hand-wash the reservoir on the Hybrid with warm slightly soapy water and rinse thoroughly.
If I want to move my Hybrid, is there anything I should do?
Moving the Hybrid from one room to another is perfectly fine, just be careful. You may want to empty the reservoir to make it lighter and avoid spillage. If the product is going to be stored for some time, such as if you're moving home, we recommend you thoroughly drain the machine by removing the reservoir and dispensing until the system is empty of water. Once completed it's a good idea to make sure the machine is dry before storing away.
What happens if I dispense when the reservoir is empty?
Though this is unlikely to cause any issues it's best to avoid, as the pump can be strained when trying to work without water. If you only do it for a second, it won’t be a problem but it does empty the internal pipework of water so you will need to remove any air gaps that may be introduced by cycling through a few reservoirs of water.
Water has started dripping from the nozzle, why is that?
Nothing to worry about. This indicates air pockets are in the system, to remove simply run through 2-5 reservoirs of water. Please refer to the quick start guide in your machine for more details.
I dropped my Hybrid! How do I know if its broken?
We designed Hybrid to be very durable, but there are a few delicate components. First, pick up the empty machine and shake gently. If there is a rattling noise, this may indicate a broken lamp or quartz Firewall® helix. Second, plug the machine and fill the reservoir. Try to dispense water, if the water comes through then nothing major is broken. Leave the machine for 10 minutes and check to see if there is any water leaking out of the bottom of the machine. If there is, one of the seals or joints may have cracked. If there are any cracks or deformation to the outer plastics, please do not use the machine (even if the machine dispenses water).
I only plan on using the unit a few months out of the year, do I still need to change the filter after one year?
Yes. The two consumable parts of the Firewall® purification system are a high-grade filter and a UV lamp. If the machine is unused for a long period, then lamp life can be expected to work beyond the 12 months. We recommend that you change the filter every year regardless of how much or how long the machine is used. Please note, the unit is designed to be plugged in at all times (don’t worry it uses only a tiny amount of electricity). This allows the system to automatically pulse the purification system to ensure every drop dispensed in as free from bacteria as possible. The unit’s timer is only active if the unit remains plugged in. Once you unplug the timer, it places the unit on pause till it is plugged in again. If the unit is unplugged/paused for any lengthy period of time and plugged in again for use, we recommend that you flush the unit out thoroughly, as you did when following the quick start guide for initial set up. At this point, the timer will resume the annual countdown. Please fill the reservoir and pass the water through the machine at least 5 times, before you resume using your Hybrid.
I want to use my Hybrid in my second home, will the filter and lamp last longer?

For optimum performance the filter should be changed every year, regardless of how often it is used. The lamp may not need changing, but the filter should be changed every 12 months.

I have a TDS meter and it shows the count higher on purified water from Hybrid, why?
It is important to understand that TDS is not a measure of microbiological purity, it is simply a measure of dissolved solids like useful minerals and salt. The natural organic coconut shell material of which our activated carbon filters are made, adds a tiny amount of beneficial calcium and magnesium to the first 50 litres of water, and then purifies up to 4,750 litres of fresh, pure water with no effect on the TDS level in your water. If you have a filter that claims total TDS removal, it does not mean it is purified water. The water can be loaded with bacteria and viruses, but show O ppm TDS on a meter. Finally, we would refer you to the World Health Organisations recommendations for drinking water, where they state the optimum TDS level for drinking water is between 100 and 300 ppm.
I have hard water in my area, can the Hybrid help soften the water?
The Hybrid is not designed to soften hard water. However, the Hybrid should operate fine with hard water conditions. This is because water is passing through the unit quickly, which makes it hard for scale to build up anywhere.
How many gallons is Hybrid designed to dispense?

The filter and lamp should be good for 1,250 US gallons of fresh pure water (it’s actually rated to 5,700 litres for lead removal and 9,500 litres for other contaminants like chlorine and particulates down to 1 micron). This is enough for a family of four to use 3.2 litres each every day for a full year. So you can drink, cook and make your hot drinks with really pure water without worrying about running out or having to go to the shops for another bottle of water.

Why does the button change colour?

When the button is blue it indicates the system is working and ready to dispense. If the button is green this indicates it is purifying-dispensing. If there is no light showing, the system is not powered or there is a malfunction.

Does the Hybrid affect the pH level of the water?

No, the system maintains the incoming mineral or alkaline balance of the water.

Does the Hybrid reduce Fluoride?

No, the Hybrid is designed to purify bacteria and viruses as well reduce as other common contaminants like lead, chlorine and organic particles.

Does the Hybrid reduce phosphates?

If phosphate is a non-soluble particle of 0.5 micron or larger, our filter should capture them. However, if it is in the form of a dissolved mineral then it will not be reduced.

The Waterlogic Guarantee

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Over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing water purification systems ensures we deliver only the highest quality water purification systems for our customers.

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If your unit develops any fault, we will solve the problem. We promise to replace any faulty parts free of charge, within the first 12 months of your ownership.

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