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Today we've saved plastic bottles from landfill


Why purify?

Bring back good water.

The problem is not our water, it’s how our water is delivered.

Chemicals added, organic matter and other contaminants. Our mission is to return water to its natural, perfect state. That’s what Waterlogic purifiers are for … just perfect water.

bottled water


Our water should not cost the earth. There is massive pollution and cost in bottling, transporting and disposing of plastic bottles. They are stored for weeks, giving the chemicals a chance to leach into the water.

tap water


How many miles of pipe does your water travel through before it gets to your tap? Every yard is a chance for contamination, which is why tap water has chlorine added to prevent microbial growth. Unfortunately, it also badly affects the taste and smell.

filtered jug


Even the best filters cannot remove all bacteria. They absorb chlorine, which improves the taste but removes protection against bacteria. So it might taste okay, but it will still be contaminated.

What's in your water?

Most of the time, public water systems do a great job of keeping water clean. However, authorities are only responsible for the connection up to your home. The microbial quality of the water in your home can deteriorate after that point and can contain contaminants invisible to the human eye.

Human Hair
Human Hair

75 microns

Invisible to human eye

30 microns

Household Dust
Household Dust

10 microns

Microbial Cyst
Microbial Cyst

4 microns

E.Coli Bacteria
E.Coli Bacteria

2 microns

Flu Virus
Flu Virus

0.2 microns

Lead & Chlorine
Lead & Chlorine

<0.01 microns

Our 3 stage system filters, purifies and protects

At the heart of our water purifier is the patented Firewall® technology.


Contaminant reduction

The long-life carbon block filter, made from sustainably sourced coconut shell, captures particles down to 0.5 micron in size. Lead, chlorine, and other contaminants are reduced significantly.

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Firewall® purification

Patented Firewall® technology utilizes a highly effective UVC purification system that acts through to the point of dispense. Firewall® guarantees up to 99.9999% bacteria free, purified water.


BioCote® protection

The dispensing nozzle, the water reservoir and the filter housing are infused with BioCote®, a silver ion additive that provides an effective barrier against microbes like bacteria and mold, which may cause odors or staining.

Learn more about Firewall® and BioCote®

The Hybrid Water Purifier utilizes Firewall® and BioCote® technology which it shares with our leading workplace water dispensers. Learn how these technologies work:

The most cost-effective water solution

The running costs of the Hybrid are cheaper than any other solution. Whilst drinking bottled water at home could cost you over £1,500 a year, the Hybrid can provide purified and great tasting water for just £50 running costs all year round.

      • Reduces 99.9999% of bacteria
      • Highly certified
      • Available in white and silver
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      Hybrid running cost

      It tastes great!

      The instant and thorough purification combined with keeping all the beneficial salts and minerals means drinking water that is truly fresh. In blind taste tests we’ve conducted, 7 out of every 10 respondents preferred Firewall® purified water to even premium French bottled water.