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  • The Remarkable Benefits of an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

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    The Remarkable Benefits of an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

    Who would ever need an instant hot water dispenser? The answer - Many offices, school staff rooms, breakout areas within the workplace and other public spaces. Instant hot water dispensers deliver hot water straight from the faucet, so there will be no more waiting for a kettle to boil or encounter unnecessary energy expenditures as you brew that perfect cup of tea.

    Instant hot water dispensers come in an array of different designs and styles. They can sit on the countertop or be wall-mounted and offer visual appeal as much as functional design. Where kettles suffer from the ailments of limescale, have limited capacity and can take an inordinate amount of time to boil larger volumes of water – the right hot water dispenser could be just what you need.

    The benefits of an instant hot water dispenser

    Energy efficient

    Kettles waste a significant amount of energy when repeatedly used, as they lose heat through their exteriors during the boiling process. Instant hot water dispensers are more energy efficient, especially for eco-conscious workplaces and offices aiming to reduce their energy outgoings.

    Limescale reduction

    If you live in an area with hard water, you may notice a build-up of a white, chalky residue in your kettle. This is limescale. Over time, limescale can come off the kettle and ruin a hot beverage, while its flavour will affect the quality of your cuppa on a daily basis. Limescale reduction filters in hot water dispensers help avoid this problem.

    On-tap boiling water

    In high-traffic environments, it is inefficient to boil a kettle repeatedly. By choosing a mains-fed instant hot water dispenser, your visitors can leverage the available water supply while having a near-limitless stream of boiling water on demand.

    Stylish design

    Kettles do little for the office aesthetic. Mains-fed water dispensers, on the other hand, have a design that prizes style as much as substance. Features guarantee the dispenser will never run dry and provides water at the desired temperature with mechanisms ensuring the safety of all users. All this within sleek, polished models which are as much a feature of a contemporary office kitchen as they are a space and time-saver.

    Mobility friendly

    Hot water dispensers are incredibly safe and easy to use. This makes them suitable in any environment where people may have problems with mobility. Kettles can be difficult to pick up, refill or pour from. Not to mention, the boiling water presents a danger in itself. The dispenser has a simple tap that pours hot water, allowing anyone to quickly, and safely, fill a mug with boiling water.

    Interested in an instant hot water dispenser?

    Waterlogic not only believe in providing the highest quality water but also ensure the solutions are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our instant hot water dispensers are ideal for busy offices, shops, factories, hospitals or school staff rooms. Browse the instant hot water dispenser range today.

    Counter Top Hot Water Boiler

    Image of product Counter Top Hot Water Boiler
    A counter top boiler is a highly efficient way of providing hot boiling water within your workplace premises, while the attractive stainless steel design make it an ideal system for kitchen and breakout areas.


    • 5ltr or 10ltr Immediate Draw Off
    • Energy Efficient
    • Limescale Reduction Filter
    • 5ltr & 10ltr Options

    Wall Mounted Eco Hot Water Boiler

    Image of product Wall Mounted Eco Hot Water Boiler
    The wall mounted eco boiler is a high capacity water boiler system that dispenses hot boiling water in offices, shops, factories, hospitals, school staff rooms and similarly busy settings.


    • Precise Water Temperature Control
    • Slim Wall Mounted Dispenser
    • 5ltr of Instant Hot Water
    • White or Stainless Steel Options