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  • Under Counter Water Units

    The under counter water units are an ideal solution for areas where under counter space is limited, but you still want top quality water. By separating the filtration system from the dispensing taps, the space saving units allow you to drink freshly filtered chilled water but fitting into the smallest of spaces.

    • Free Up Valuable Counter Space
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Range of Taps Available
    • Two Size Options
    • Cold Still & Sparkling Water Options

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    The space saving choice

    Sometimes worktop space is limited. Enter the under counter water dispensing units, which are high quality dispensing systems that can be conveniently stored under worktops and counters. With its 3 stage purification system, you can be sure of drinking only the purest water.

    As the minimum width required for the water dispenser is just 500ml it is incredibly compact, saving you space with little hassle. Despite its compact size, however, this water dispenser can supply up to 160 litres for the standard size unit and up to 22 litres for the ultra compact space saver unit.

    Under Counter Cold Water Systems image

    Available in two capacities and is fitted in the under sink cupboard. It is connected to the mains water supply and comes with a stainless steel drip tray plumbed in for waste. This dispenser is ideal for venues where there is high water consumption and for filling bottles, jugs and glasses.

    When space is at a premium but you still want top quality water then the space saver option is the ideal choice. By separating the filtration system from the dispensing taps, the space saver allows you to drink freshly filtered chilled water in the smallest area. By fitting the heart of the machine snugly in an out of the way cupboard and then piping the water, the space saver can fit into the smallest kitchen.

    Capacity Standard unit - Up to capacity of 160 litres
    Space saver Unit - Up to capacity of 22 litres
    Dimensions Minimum cabinet size of 500ml required
    Room for gas bottle also required for sparkling option
    Ventilation required
    Options Two size capacities available
    Cold still only, or Cold still & Sparkling