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    Hospitality Systems

    Enhance the presentation of your brand with our fantastic range of Hospitality Systems which are a great for front of house, the boardroom and an ideal solution for the hotel, restaurant and catering markets.

    Our range of hospitality systems

    Image of product Niagara Freestanding High Volume Water Cooler
    For businesses with a large number of staff, customers or visitors, it is inevitable that a high volume of water will need to be provided. To fulfil these requirements, you will need a high quality cold water dispenser.


    • High Capacity
    • Anti-Flood Mechanism
    • Ideal For Filling Bottles, Jugs and Glasses
    • Still and Sparkling Options

    Image of product Niagara Countertop High Volume Water Cooler
    The perfect choice for bars and restaurant counters, in hotels, large estates or catering environments.


    • Ice Bank Cooling System
    • Leakage Safety Valve
    • Cu= Safepath Biofilm Prevention
    • Still and Sparkling Options

    Image of product Niagara Under Counter High Volume Water Cooler
    The ideal choice for hospitality, catering and hotels which slots neatly into the under counter space with a range of stylish taps available.


    • Ice Bank Cooling System
    • Leakage Safety Valve
    • Cu= Safepath Biofilm Prevention
    • Still and Sparkling Options

    Hospitality systems built for high volume water dispensing

    The sparkling water system is a complete filtration and dispensing system which allows you to create your own premium still or sparkling water on demand straight from the tap.

    Provides your business with a potential new water menu item and source of revenue, resulting in an affordable alternative to prepackaged water. The system eliminates ordering, transportation, storage and refrigeration costs that are common with prepackaged drinking water, enabling you to reduce waste as well as your environmental footprint.

    Your hospitality water system includes:

    • Range of freestanding, countertop and under counter machines
    • Sparkling, chilled and ambient water 
    • Refillable, dishwasher safe bottles with cap   
    • Service and maintenance on your unit

    Premium value-add offering

    Offer the option of filtered sparkling or still water to your guests, at their table, to add a touch of premium quality to their dining experience. When served in our stylish branded bottles, Premium, filtered water is a perfect accompaniment to red or white wine.

    Corporate & commercial application

    The hospitality system is ideal for boardrooms, staff lunch rooms, guest lounges and wineries. In fact, anywhere that a premium "help yourself" sparkling or filtered water system is a requirement.

    Water has a dramatic impact on corporate operations. We are committed to helping you manage your corporate water requirements.

    Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we analyse your water, survey your operation, assess your needs and deliver you the ideal water treatment solution customised to your business. We ensure your water is clean, clear and consistent, so you can focus on more important things.