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  • water coolers for factories
    Boost performance by providing an endless supply of pure water

    Your employees deserve the best and so do you. Increase productivity by keeping your busy workforce hydrated with one of our high-capacity mains fed water coolers

    Superior Quality Water for your Workforce

    In a busy, high-pace environment, keeping your workforce hydrated and motivated is a basic necessity for completing the every day tasks.

    Waterlogic provides the tool needed to keep the energy high and on track with our high-capacity water coolers.

    No matter the high-pace environment of your warehouse/logistics center, our dispensers are a source of dynamism, energy and performance for your employees, eliminating the sluggish effects of dehydration while our robust high-capacity models deliver the purest water possible all day long – no matter how many people are filling their cups.

    With our mains fed solutions, you'll be providing your staff with cold, fresh water all day long eliminating:

    • Running out of fresh water when you need it the most
    • Lifting and storing of water bottles
    • Accidental water spills 

    Increase productivity by keeping your busy workforce hydrated with Waterlogic.