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  • water coolers for hospitality
    Reflect your high service standards and provide quality you can taste

    Sleek and stylish bottleless water coolers that will fit your reception area, business center or any other high-traffic area used by your customers and employees.

    Purity you can taste

    Offering customers pure, fresh, water reflects your high standards and commitment to quality and Waterlogic's mains fed water coolers help you do just that.

    With our water and ice dispensers you will maintain your superior customers service by providing your employees, guests and customers with an unlimited amount of the best water in town, every day of the year. Plus, you will also:

    • Reduce costs for your company
    • Eliminate storage issues bottled water can cause
    • Remove the inconvenience of water delivery service coming in and out of your facility
    • Add value to your corporate social responsibility program by reducing plastic waste

    Whether you need multiple coolers and ice dispensers in multiple locations or just one model in your reception area, Waterlogic's water experts will help you choose the best dispenser for your needs. And our trained technicians will then make sure installation is seamless, clean and fast - so you can continue business as usual.