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Today we've saved plastic bottles from landfill

Leading provider of office water dispensers across the Island of Ireland

Enjoy unrivalled water purity and reduce single-use plastic waste

Only Waterlogic’s patented Firewall® technology purifies water up to 99.9999% and is scientifically proven to be effective against the human form of COVID-19.

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Our extensive and innovative range of office water coolers

From freestanding, countertop and instant hot water taps to bottled water coolers, water filling stations, fountains and boilers. We can build the perfect package for your business.

Plumbed-in dispensers

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Eco-friendly freestanding and countertop dispensers with unrivalled purity and taste.

  • COVID-secure purification
  • World’s most certified machines
  • Reduce single-use plastic
Learn more - Plumbed-in dispensers

Bottled water dispensers

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Flexible, sustainable and naturally sourced options for areas with no access to mains water.

  • Naturally sourced spring water
  • Bottles are re-used and eco-friendly
  • Perfect for temporary workplaces
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Bottle filling

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Hygienic and environmentally friendly solutions for users to stay hydrated

  • UV sterilisation purifies water
  • Touchless dispense options
  • Made from high quality durable materials
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Instant hot & cold taps

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Premium range of modern integrated taps with filtered chilled, boiling and sparkling water.

  • Perfect for high-end environments
  • MicroPurity™ filtration
  • Energy efficient
Learn more - Instant hot & cold taps

Countertop boilers

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High volumes of instantly hot water for your workplace. A convenient solution for high-footfall areas.

  • Boiling water in an instant
  • Easy to clean stainless steel
  • Safety guaranteed
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High-volume systems

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High capacity and durable water dispensers perfect for high-use environments.

  • Perfect when lots of cold water is needed
  • Reduce single-use plastic waste
  • Sparkling and chilled options available
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Better thinking, better water™

Enjoy contactless hydration and protect the hygiene of your workplace

Waterlogic offers a range of contactless options, sanitisation services and products as well as safe workplace guidance to help prevent the spread of germs in the workplace whilst still enjoying great-tasting water.

Find out how Waterlogic can help you with workplace hygiene

Better for you WL

Firewall® is up to 99.999% effective in eliminating COVID-19

We deliver superior Firewall® UVC purification, BioCote® antimicrobial surface protection and high-performance carbon filtration to keep you safely hydrated.

†BioCote® has not been tested or proven effective against SARS-CoV-2.

Learn more about how our technology delivers unrivalled purity
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Better for the planet

Products and services that are kinder to the environment


23.8 billion yearly

Waterlogic products contribute to the reduction of 23.8 billion single-use plastic bottles


Less plastic, less waste

From energy-efficient boilers, sustainable bottled water coolers and bottle-free freestanding and countertop dispensers. Choosing Waterlogic for your business is a better choice for the planet helping your organisation become more environmentally responsible.

Find out how to reduce your reliance on single use plastic