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Q: What are Waterlogic International’s strengths?
A: We’re glad you asked. Waterlogic was one of the first to introduce POU systems to Europe and we’ve been leaders in quality, design and service ever since. Our Strengths page lists the essentials. There was no point being modest – why would you settle for second best?

Q: What does Waterlogic do?

Waterlogic is a truly global company with its own subsidiaries in 23 countries and an extensive and expanding independent global distribution network spanning 50+ countries across North America, Europe and LATAM, meaning Waterlogic is the only water dispenser provider able to cover the full geographical needs of global customers under one roof. We have our own manufacturing facility in China. Our subsidiaries and offices are listed on our corporate website.

Q: What is Waterlogic’s growth strategy?
A: Our mission is to be the world’s authority on making quality water accessible through innovation. Read how we intend to increase market share, expand our product range and grow through acquisitions on our Strategy page. It’s our masterplan for getting the freshest, cleanest and best-tasting water out to people across the world.

Q: What sets your products apart?
A: We don’t just love water, we know it inside and out. Water is our passion. We invest heavily in Research and Development and we like to think we have the finest water-dispenser minds in the business on the job. Innovation is in our soul, driving product design, quality and the application of new technologies. Our sleeker, more user-friendly machines dispense ambient, cold, hot, sparkling and extra hot water. However you like it best.Our breakthrough technology Firewall positions a purifying UV lamp at the point of dispense, ensuring the cleanest, freshest water in your cup. It is completely effective against a huge range of viruses and bacteria, guaranteeing 99.9999% purity 100% of the time, according to over 5,000+ tests by many respected, independent laboratories. That’s pretty amazing, but we won’t quit till it’s perfect.

Q: What technologies does Waterlogic use in its POU dispensers?
A: You’ll find the details on our Technology pages, but here’s a snapshot: the secret to health + taste involves carbon multi-filtration or reverse osmosis systems, UV purification, and BioCote® anti-microbial protection. Each powerful in its own right, unbeatable when they’re combined.

Q: Where is Waterlogic based?

A: With offices and service centers spread across North America and Europe, and a network of distribution partners, we 50 countries around the world and our reach is ever expanding. We have our own manufacturing facility in China. Our subsidiaries and offices are listed on our Contact page.